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Hearing loss?

Ear ache?

Blocked ears?

Itchy/ear infection?

It may just be wax which can usually be removed within 30 minutes .Our award-winning  Tympa system delivers expert ear and hearing health checkups.

Clinic based or home visits can be arranged and can even show you before or after pictures.


£40 for one ear 

£60 for both ears

No Wax Removal - full ear health check for £20



Our experienced Ear Care Specialist puts your healing needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our clients from the age of 12 .

We also work with care home managers providing ear care services to the elderly by visiting nursing homes, residential homes and sheltered accommodation etc.



With our latest video technology, we show you the inside of your ear canal before and after microsuction, and we send you the images or videos afterwards. Its amazing to see the results for yourself!

We are proud to be providing an additional health service to our communities. Our ear wax removal specialists are trained in ear wax removal (micro suction) with Tympa Health - accredited by ENT UK, The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology (BSA) and The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA)


We now also offer home visits and mobile clinics at various locations across the West Midlands.



A unique 3-in-1 ear wax removal device:


- Ear wax removal (micro suction)

- Digital Otoscopy - high definition photos and videos of the ear canal

- A hearing test 


Quality standards of ear care.

We pride ourselves in not just providing ear wax removal, but also giving tips and advice to clients on how to look after their ear health in the long term.


All instruments that enter the ear canal during ear wax removal are single use in order to maintain our high standards of infection control.


Award winning ear health technology.

Digital media of the ear canal and hearing test screen results can be securely sent to relevant clinicians if required. This enables a smoother pathway to specialist services and promotes quality ear health care.


As part of the Tympa community, our specialists are able to liaise with audiology and ENT specialists to discuss and review complex cases if required.



15 minute ear health examination             

Check the health of the outer ear and visible ear drum

Advise if ear wax removal is required

Hearing test screening if desired (and no impacted wax)


Please note: This is performed at our Mobile Clinic only unless clients are housebound.

Ear examination & ear wax removal  microsuction      £40 For 1 Ear  or
£60 For 2 Ears
Home visits   
From £80

(One or Both ears)

A specialist checks the health of the outer ear and visible ear drum.

* Micro-suction ear wax removal if necessary.

Hearing test screening appointment following wax removal (if desired).


Note: If you have an ear health check first and then require wax removal, the cost of the ear health check up will be deducted off the appointment price.


Home visits are also bookable at extra cost.


**There may be an occasion when our specialist for whatever reason is unable to fully remove all of the wax blocking your ears. If this is the case then a follow up appointment  will be scheduled.

Home visits are also available at an extra cost starting from £80 depending on your location.

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